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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Discovering a Hidden Paradise in Bantigue

Bantigue is a white-sand beach resort. Oops, please don’t react yet. Read on…
I’ve never been there. That would be an adventure. Exciting!
It must be expensive! If I wanted to be rich, then should not to squander some money on expensive getaways. Imagining the irresistible white sandy shore lusciously kissing on the soles of my feet, my hesitation abated. My eyes voluntarily woke up even earlier than the 5:30AM wake up alarm on Sunday the 13th in May.
Itching to see a preview of where we would be going, I consulted Google. Confirmed! With photos of golden sunsets, tall palm trees and bleached WHITE sand paradise, I thought it’s going to be a “dollar” trip. My shoulders didn’t drop down, though. If it’s worth it, then every penny of it is worth it. Who cares about dollars?

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Discovering a Hidden Paradise in Bantigue