Thursday, April 28, 2011

Answers to questions about Telephone Conversation

1. Who is talking in the poem?
The speaker of the poem is a dark West African man. He was searching for a new apartment. Instead of discussing price, location, amenities, and other information significant to the apartment, they discussed the speaker's skin color.

2. Describe the language use.
The language used is full of irony and sarcasm. The words spoken were the exact opposite meaning. It is ironic that the speaker calls it a self-confession when he warns the landlady about his being African. 

3. Cite some lines that show racial discrimination.
- Are you light or very dark? - This is an irrelevant question to ask for a costumer asking for an apartment.
- What's that? - This is a question the landlady asked after the man described his color. It is an obvious mockery to him pretending she doesn't know what he meant.
-That's dark, isn't it? - The landlady confirms her distaste to any African person. 

4.Give some incidents or situations which show racial discrimination in our society or other culture as well.
Racial discrimination is evident when there is someone different in the group. A group of Tagalog-speaking people usually makes fun of a new-comer Cebuano who hardly speaks Tagalog. The same way, a group of Cebuano-speaking people usually dislikes a new-comer Tagalog. Another example is the divisiveness of schools. Say during school convention, if you are from UC, you have the tendency to only make friends with those also from UC. We may not be aware of it but that is what usually happens.

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