Monday, October 3, 2011

I Won But Not Again!

Before the speech evaluation contest last October 1 in Cebu, a lot of things ran in my mind. They were all perfect anticipated alibi materials if I wouldn’t win in the contest.

Few nights before the event, I took home a gray colored pen I found during a farewell party I attended. I really couldn’t help the temptation to pick it up though it was just an ordinary pen. I only did it out of stupidity. Then I thought if ever I won’t win, it would be because of karma. So karma came, I didn’t win.
I also thought what I would wear during the contest would matter. I considered that I should wear the same long sleeve and the same pair of jeans during the area 83 contest, where I won.  Instead, I decided to wear my maroon short sleeve polo and a black pair of slacks. That would be a jinx combination of colors if I wouldn’t win. And yes, maybe maroon and black really shouldn’t be paired.
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