Thursday, January 12, 2012

Filipinos Should Not Leave The Country

One US dollar is equivalent to 42 Philippine pesos as of this writing. It implies that it only takes to have at least 24,000 US dollar to become a millionaire in the Philippines. That is very enticing, isn’t it? Assuming you have a stable job waiting abroad (not only the US) it is really temping to leave the country. We can’t deny that most Filipinos working abroad have improved their living status. They have big houses, luxurious cars, and other material things. They can afford expensive vacation trips. They can provide expensive education for their children. Behind their lavish living however they have experienced lots of hardships and sacrifices that people in the community are not aware of. With that, I could say they also deserve to enjoy what they’ve acquired abroad. Despite greener pastures abroad, there are still valid reasons Filipinos should stay in the country.

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Filipinos Should Not Leave The Country

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