Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Desperate Love Story

This is a collection of love stories, which could be associated as a mark of desperation. Each story has not defined a certain ending and thus kept hanging. I don't intentionally arrange them in chronological order. I just dig in the stories that have a vivid sketch in my memory. As I read a love story of a couple how they met, I began comparing my personal experience. As supposed in the story, it ended well, mine on the contrary.

It happened a few years ago when I was still in college. I came from home on a summer vacation. No matter how dreadful this twelve-hour travel was I was so resourceful to find a bit of subject for my enjoyment. Whenever I'm on a trip, I always make sure I'm packed with books, "music gadgets", etc.

My final trip was on a bus. I was halfway to my destination when I recognized there were more and more college students like me rushing into the bus. However not one of them was familiar to me. I guess it wasn't the last trip but the sun's almost setting down. That's probably the reason of their hurry.

I was seated on the front-most seat right next to the door. There were two doors actually. One near the driver and other was at the middle. I was with the latter. I was alone. Again the bus made another stop. The door next to me opened as if it was in a slow motion. There was a sudden rising of blood in my face. I could just feel it. Perhaps it was due to the change in pressure that caused me feel dizzy. Right through such door, a lady with a soft aura came in. I could barely notice myself breathing. I just found myself standing voluntarily at the edge of the seat. I realized myself eyeing blink-less at her. She only mouthed “Thank you.”

Now I began to enjoy this once a boring travel. I used to hate it when somebody's hair touches my skin. But it's different this time. I even wondered how I enjoyed every strand of her hair brushing on my face. I smelled its fragrance, which gave me some relief. I also noticed her skin was so soft and sensitive and it made me to giggle while rubbing through my shoulder. I did not talk to her though I desperately wanted to. I was slacked-jawed. Words never came out through my mouth.

“Are you from MSU, too?” she started. Oh my God, she's interested on me to. She could be the one I have been praying for. Her voice is so melodic and sweet. It felt so soothing to hear such a chime. In her tone she must be kind. And she stressed those words very smartly but pleasantly. She must be smart. And she was smiling. She must have a pure heart.

“Yes…”, was my timid reply. My answer must have some back up details. I was from MSU but I was sure she meant the other campus. I was from MSU-IIT. When I opened my mouth to explain, an old lady walked in front of us with her head stretched high looking for vacant seats. But there was no vacant seat. I was so sure of that. With no shilly-shallying I offered to her the most precious spot I was seating on. In return, I received a kind “Thank you” and a generous “God Bless”.

I was then squatting in front of my previous seat. But I did regret it. I had much more clearer view of the lady I was seating beside with. I was contented to smile at her. And I was even filled with so much joy when she unselfishly widened her smile on me. The more then that my mouth froze until I arrived at my bus stop. I went out of the bus first among the passengers. I turned around her seat but it was empty. I looked for her at the terminal and I saw her standing at a short distance from me. She gave her farewell smile, which I thought would trigger me to at least ask her number but lightning stoke me numb.

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