Thursday, January 22, 2009

Same-sex Couples

If two people are in love with each other, they should have the full pledge of their love through marriage. Legalization of same-sex marriage will give same-sex couples enjoy the full benefit of a "true couple".

Canadian Court finally legalized same-sex marriage in 2005. Before this approval, still a lot of same-sex couples had already married in the country. With this civil marriage act, the couples could fully enjoy being married like those of man-woman couples. It also allows them to take advantage of the legal benefits a real married couple.

Same-sex marriage is a term for a legally recognized marriage in which two people of the same sex live together as a family. Historical and anthropological evidence around the globe shows that same-sex couples have formed intimate long-term relationships. Some same-sex couples have enjoyed social and formal recognition of their relationships. They were even granted the rights to have their own children through adoption.

Marriages or relationships involving two people of the same sex had been condemned in the society. Its moral issues have remained controversial. Morally, marriage is intended only for a man and woman. Thus churches would continue to oppose this even if courts would issue the couple their license of marriage.

Everyone has the right to enjoy of being in-love. If two people are in-love with each other, regardless of gender they should have the full acclaim of it. If marriage is the only thing that could fully nourish the couple's love, they should have it then. There would be many lengthy arguments about the morals of same-sex marriage. For as long as the relationship does not cause any harm or danger to the society, same-sex couples deserve the respect "normal couples" have. Lots of families built upon same-sex partnerships have become stable and they have contributed to humane societies. A stable and committed relationship is what the society needs most. Therefore, same-sex marriage should not be considered as immoral.

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