Friday, January 8, 2010

Avatar – James Cameron is a Genius!

I just can’t wait to finish the movie I was watching, I wanted to share it right away to other people so badly… Very "i do not know the right word"… It just quenched my soul craving of seeing another world…!

With his newest talk-of-the-world masterpiece Avatar, I throw my hat unto him for his ingenuity. Maybe ‘ingenuity’ is only an underrated word I could think of as of now but there is no doubt he’s got loads of ‘Pendora’ world in his brain.

I did not just watch the movie, I felt it. It gave me a feeling of satisfaction of being able to spend a worthy precious time wandering and wondering into the world that just once ran in the minds of James Cameron. I felt like I had touched those creatures that I have not even imagined before. The magnificent and majestic landscapes where there are floating mountains. The vast forest where there are colourful sea like creatures. The gigantic vines suspended in the midair are breathtaking. Every inch of the moment spent with this extraordinary world was craved quenching. With all these and much more, how could someone live with such a perfectly wild imagination?

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