Saturday, January 9, 2010

Top 5 Never-to-do Things

1. Never compare yourself to others.

You have no idea how to be in their shoes. If you do this, you would find people who are worse than what you think and those who are a lot better than you. If you discover that some people are less attractive, or less talented, or less intelligent than you, you would feel arrogant and be so proud of yourself. Whereas if you find people who are way better than you, the tendency is that you would pity yourself. Either way won’t bring you good.

What to do instead: Focus on making the most of who you are, what you have and what you can do best, then share it to others.

2. Never dwell on negative things from the past.

Your past is past. You can never change it. By letting the bad experiences ruin your thoughts, you could hardly face the good things around you. In this case, you would have the hard time seeing the path towards your future.

What to do instead: Exercise your mind to think of great things in your past so you would get inspired to live with your present. The best thing you can do with those past miseries is to forget it, if not, then learn from it and as much as possible don’t let it happen again.

3. Never overdo things.

As the famous cliché says, nobody is perfect. And so are you! By being too pushy in everything you do, you would end up being disappointed if you don’t get what you want.

What to do instead: Do things excellently. Make effort to become excellent. But always remember you have your limitations.

4. Never waste your time on gossip.

Lots of troubles start in gossips. Life is too short and if you spend more time in gossiping than other productive things, then you do not just waste your precious time but your energy as well. Many people sometimes thought this nonsense activity creates a bonding among the group. It’s on the other way around. Expect that those people who gossip to you will also gossip about you.

What to do instead: Give some time to cultivate your hobbies.

5. Never dare to win every argument.

By doing this, do you think you would become the most powerful person? Maybe... But only for the meantime... The bigger impact is that people would tend to avoid having conversations with you. How lonely it is to be a floating island!

What to do Instead: If you are tempted to comment back on other people’s ideas, zip close your mouth and hold it from opening. Experience the value of silence once in a while. Sometimes, you have to agree to agree. And by doing this, you are already promoting peace!

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